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Winter News 2016

The Local Butcher offers four different kinds of sausage: Breakfast, Sweet Italian, Mild Hot Italian, and Chorizo.  Breakfast and Sweet Italian continue to be the most popular.  All recipes are custom mixed to our recipes by Excalibur seasoning.  No allergens or preservatives are used in our sausage spice mixes and all ingredients can be found on each package.

The Local Butcher continues to offer to our beef customers a Red Onion flavored mix and a Gourmet Bacon Flavored mix for ground beef.  This can be packed in patties, bulker vacuum seal bags, or white plastic tube.  It is great for burgers or even as a meatloaf starter.  Ingredients are listed on each package.

Our customers continue to enjoy the convenience and cost saving of our in-house labels.  A one-time logo set-up fee of $30.00 is charged and then we store your farm name in our scale.  When you bring in your animals, we print on demand labels for your product.  Any labels that make a claim will need prior approval by the producer with USDA.  The Local butcher can provide you with paper work to complete this process.

A while ago many of you received an email informing you that The Local Butcher is no longer killing bulls over 30 months of age.  We want to thank you for your understanding in this and apologize for any inconvenience this will cause you in the future and any inconvenience it caused some of you that had appointments with us to kill older bulls.  To reiterate, we have done this due to the increased danger to staff and owners.  Russ has had two very close calls at the plant in two years that have left him out of commission for sometime.  Additionally, older bulls are much more difficult to kill and when The Local Butcher has a problem killing an animal USDA recognizes this as a strike against our facility and our humane handling program.  We continue to and always will take seriously the responsibility of the humane handling of your animals.   We will continue to accept for slaughter, any bulls under 30 months of age, steers of any age and size, and of course cows.

Once again Russ’ Yankee ingenuity has created a new killing chute for pigs and the method of killing is now primarily electrocution.  This system and The Local Butcher’s humane handling program received high reviews from a visit from animal welfare.  Additionally, the quality of the meat has improved due to being able to bleed the pigs out faster.

Please contact us with any questions and let us know what you need for 2016 slaughter dates.


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